Jobs Available

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Agency Title of Position Salary
City Administration
City of Berkeley, CA Assistant To The City Manager $128,786.53 - $169,241.28 Annually Plus Excellent Benefits.
City of Malibu, CaliforniaCity Clerk $109,545 - $142,931 (Plus Excellent Benefits).
City of Visalia, California City Manager Competitive Salary - Negotiable Depending On Qualifications.
City of Carpinteria, CaliforniaProgram Manager, Emergency And Volunteer Services And Community Outreach$61,942 - $85,173 Annually; Plus Excellent Benefits.
Special District Administration
East Bay Municipal Utility District, Oakland, California Public Information Representative II $110,808-$128,280 Annually.
Airport Administration
City of Visalia, CA Airport Manager $7,686 - $9,662 Monthly
Human Resources
City of Garden Grove, CA Human Resources Analyst$4,955 - $6,972/Mo
City of Visalia, CA Human Resources Analyst $4,912 - $6,175 Monthly
City of Stockton, CaliforniaDeputy Director Of Human ResourcesAnnual Up To $134,986 DOQ.
City of Stockton, CaliforniaDeputy Director Of Human ResourcesAnnual Up To $134,986 DOQ.
Risk Management
San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, San Bernardino, CaliforniaRisk Manager $77,596 - $116,394 Annually Plus Benefits.
Finance And Accounting
County of Monterey Auditor-Controller, Salinas, California Auditor-Controller Analyst I (General Accounting) $6,962 - $9,503/Mo.
City of Redondo Beach, CA Finance Director Salary Up To $153,456 Annually. 1 % COLA Effective January 2022, & 2% COLA Januuary 2023
City of Clearlake, California Director Of Finance $97,627.80 - $118,667.20 DOQ
Big Bear Lake, Department of Water and Power, CASenior Accountant $82,177.13 - 99,886.82 Annually.
City of Diamond Bar, CAFinance Director$133,472 - $178,865 Annually, Plus Excellent Executive Benefit Package
Mountain House Community Services District, Mountain House, CA Accountant IAnnual Range: $60,174 - $73,133
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency, Aubern, California Fiscal / Administrative Officer $108,048-137,892 Annually.
California JPIA, La Palma, CA Finance Director $132,017 - $188,595 Annually Plus Excellent Benefits.
CITY OF VICTORVILLEFinance Manager $8,262 - $10,043/Mo. Plus Benefits. PERS 2.5% @55 ~ "CLASSIC" MEMBERS/PERS 2% @62 - "NEW"
Otay Water District, San Diego, CaliforniaAccountant $38.50-$48.11/Hr.
City of Dixon, California Senior Accountant $6,611.80 - $8,036.68/Mo.
Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, Santa Cruz, California Purchasing Manager $83,657.60 - $102,119 Annually.
Information Technologies
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Fresno, CAProgrammer Analyst L/II$5,703.84 - $8,434.30/Mo.
Public Safety
City of Long Beach, CAJail Administrator$120,000 Annually.
City of Visalia, CA Police Captain $9,844 - $12,337 Monthly.
City of Vista, CA Emergency Services Officer $7,751 - $9.423/Mo.
Legal Services
Lassen County, CAPublic Defender$93,843 - $113,552 Annually, Plus Benefits
Parks And Recreation
City of Pasadena, CAParks Superintendent $7,531.26 - $9,414.08 Monthly - $90,375.17 - $112,968.96 Annually.
City of Alhambra, CADeputy Director Of Parks And Recreation $97,032.24 - $126,317.40 Annually.
City of Imperial Beach, California Parks & Recreation Director $128,706.00 - $185,484.00 Annually Plus Excellent Benefits.
Environmental Services
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Fresno, CAAir Quality Engineer L/Ll $5,846.65 - $8,642.48/Mo.
West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority, RecycleMore, Richmond, CARecycling Coordinator/Administrative Assistant $4,408 - $5,358/Mo.
Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, Riverside, CA Pretreatment Program Specialist - Senior Pretreatment Program Specialist Specelist: $85,217.91 - $103,582.90. Senior: $98,826.65 - $120,124.41 Annually.
Ventura Regional Sanitation District Solid Waste Operations Supervisor $98,155.20-$119.787.20 Annually; Excellent Benefits Package.
Water/Wastewater Management
Dublin San Ramon Services DistrictWastewater Treatment Plant Operations Superintendent$169,602 - $206,172 Annually.
Water/Wastewater Operations
Camrosa Water District, Camarillo, CA System Operator L/IIS.O. I: $20.19 - $36.06 Per Hour - S.O. 2: $28.85 - $45.67 Per Hour
Facilities Management/Maintenance
PORT OF OAKLAND, CALIFORNIAAviation Facilities Maintenance Manager $14,204 - $17,595Mo.
Mountain House Community Services District Senior Maitnance Worker Annual Range: $61,984 - $75,337
Public Works - Engineering
Morongo Band of Mission IndiansDirector Of Construction Services Depends On Experience (Full Time) Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision And Life Insurance.
City of Camarillo, California Senior Civil Engineer - Engineering/Land Development $8,497 - $11,462/Mo. - $101,969 - $137,541/Annually.
City of Rialto, CASenior Civil Engineer$82,984.92 - $111,207.72 Annually, Plus Excellent Benefits
DEPUTY DIRECTOR - PUBLIC WORKS ENGINEERING DIVISION San Joaquin County, Stockton, Ca $12,372.46 - $15,038.81/Month
City of Cerritos, California Associate Civil Engineer $7,290 - $9,105/Mo. (Plus Excellent Benefits)
City of Cerritos, California Trees Leadworker $5,075 - $6,240/Mo. (Plus Excellent Benefits)
City of Glendora, California Registered Associate Civil Engineer $72,542.28 - $88,175.52 Annually.
City of Rosemead, CaliforniaPublic Works Manager$7,729 - $9,500 Monthly
Planning And Community Development
City of Visalia, CASenior Planner/Principal Planner (Doq) $6,622 - $9,662 Monthly
City of Malibu, California Assistant Planning Director Salary Range: $120,780 - $157,588 (Plus Excellent Benefits) Full-Time Permanent Position.
City of Perris, CA Director Of Development Services $165,109 - $200,692 Annually.
City of Fernando, CADirector Of Community Development 135,396 - $164,544 Annually
Real Estate
San Bernardino County Transportation Authority, San Bernardino, CaliforniaRight Of Way Specialist $70,382 - $105,573 Annually Plus Benefits.